Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets - You, Your Family, and Your Home

The American Classic Mortgage Protection Program provides different plans of mortgage protection Insurance, that are designed to protect you and your family, and makes funds available if you get sick, injured or die prematurely. You may be qualified and have the opportunity to accumulate and receive cash value even greater than what you paid in. Those who choose and qualify can have all or some of the benefits:

  1. If either one of the homeowners die, funds will be available to pay off the mortgage and leave the home free and clear for your family.
  2. If you or your spouse are disabled from either accident or sickness, suffer a chronic or critical illness or injury, the plan can provide funds that you can use to pay your monthly mortgage payment or other considerations.
  3. Refunds up to 100% of your premiums, for qualified plans, for many plans you may accumulate and receive excess funds depending upon payments and the need for claiming benefits based on the provisions of your policy.
  4. If you move, our plan moves with you.
  5. Benefits are paid to you and your family – not the lender.

Savings, Protection and Security For You and Your Family Are More Affordable Than You Think!

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Benefits and Cash You Don't Have to Die to Use

Many plans can pay off your home if you die prematurely and also have a number of benefits available to you while living.

Real concerns for real people:

  • Each year about 795,000 people suffer a stroke (American Heart Association 2017)
  • One in 4 deaths in U.S. are due to cancer (American Cancer Society 2017)
  • 2017 1.2 million Americans will have a coronary attack (American Heart Association 2017)

If you become sick or injured and cannot work, many plans offer a disability income rider that will make your house payments for you if you are unable to work.

If you become terminally ill, chronically ill, critically ill, or suffer a critical injury, some programs provide access to the benefit. For instance, if you are diagnosed with:

  • Terminal Illness: Diagnosed with a specific period of time to live
  • Chronic Illness: Need nursing home or in home care
  • Critical Illness: Such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, ALS, cystic fibrosis and many other specified illnesses
  • Critical Injury: Such as suffered a coma, major burns, traumatic brain injury, or paralysis

American Classic Mortgage Protection Program Provides Safety, Security, and Guarantees.

Peace of Mind and an Opportunity to Accumulate Cash
A house is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, and your home mortgage will likely be amongst your largest financial obligations. Obtaining an American Classic Mortgage Protection plan will give you peace of mind knowing that you have provided for your family to keep their home should something happen to you due to long-term illness or premature death.

Refund of Premium and Cash Value Accumulation
American Classic Mortgage Protection plans provide qualified candidates the potential for return of premium and or tax-deferred cash value accumulation. In some instances you can access your cash value through policy loans and withdrawals to help achieve your unique and personal objectives, including:

  • Supplemental Income
  • Help Your Children Pay For College
  • A Down Payment on a Second Home
  • Take Advantage of New Opportunities
  • Meet Unexpected Emergencies

American Classic Mortgage Protection Plans Protecting Your Home, Family, Dreams and Income

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